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In the next few days I will be posting an interview conducted with Delta Zeta’s Director of Communications, Nancy E. Brewer. To read up on Delta Zeta and all the work they do, visit



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Greeks Go Green

Greek organizations are some of the most enriching for collegiate students. They consist of chapters in which officers are elected by active members. It is those officers’ job to oversee social events, chapter GPAs, and philanthropic events among other things.  In fact, community service is one of the most important aspects of Greek Life. It benefits both, the chapter and the community, establishing good public relations.

A prime example is Delta Zeta’s Pink Goes Green website. In 2010, it was awarded the Diamond Award by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). According to Delta Zeta’s official page, the site is “a philanthropic effort aimed at empowering its members to lead and perform community service-related projects intent on improving the environment and educating those around them about how they can do the same”.

The site itself is full of resources for the public, including a pledge to “go green”,

Downloadable wall papers, and a project center that offers advice on how to go green at work, school, the office and dorm rooms.

In addition to the wonderful resources on the site, Pink Goes Green also has a blog with articles like “Is Your House as Green As It Could Be?” and “How To Make Your Wardrobe Green”.  Delta Zeta is clearly  targeting audiences of all ages in its environmental efforts. I propose that other Greek organizations follow Delta Zeta’s initiative and launch multimedia, interactive websites to increase their individual philanthropy’s  awareness.

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Avoiding the cookie batch cliché

Lately I came across a website called “Chapter Talk”. It describes itself as “News and advice for Successful Fraternity and Sorority members”. What fascinated me the most is how multi-faceted the site is—it covers topics such as Alumni Relation, Finances, Ritual and History. Even though its aim is to reach Greek collegiate audiences, it is extremely well written and does offer some valuable advice that both, Greek (and Non-Greek) organizations should read up on.

After browsing through some of its articles, I checked out the “Public Relations” section.

The first article that caught my eye actually addressed the issue of Public Relations work. The article is titled “Public Relations: Improve Your Image on Campus”, although quite frankly, a more fitting title would have been:  “Mass Communications to better your chapter.”

The article is a great read because it offers specific ideas to improve Public Relations beyond the now cliché batch of cookies. Some of these ideas are unique because they advocate for Greek Unity, a concept that is sometimes hard to promote in Greek Life because of rivalry between the houses.

It  describes:

  • Ways to increase visibility (Attend university Events as a Chapter)
  • Damage control (Keep Drama within the House)
  • Marketing (Throw events Geared Toward Younger Students)
  • Networking (Pledge/New Member Mixers, Encourage involvement in Non-Greek organizations)
  • Advertising ( Sport Your Letters!, Attend ALL Fraternity and Sorority Events)
  • Public Relations, both internal and external! (Go Above and Beyond for Other Chapters, Don’t forget Brother/Sisterhood)

Truth is, if chapters want to be  successful, they have to concentrate on various aspects of Mass Communications. Whereas once upon a time, there were clear lines dividing Public Relations from Advertising, Broadcasting and Journalism,  they have slowly blurred out.

In order to succeed in today’s professional world, one must be able to perform tasks that years ago would have been “some else’s job”. (That little tidbit I accredit to my wonderful Mass Communications Professor at the University of South Florida, Dr. Golombisky).

To check out Chapter Talk, visit

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New age, new page


Image by conhunter via Flickr

In today’s day and age, Facebook is the epicenter of our lives. Seems everywhere you go, “facebook” is the word on everyone’s lips, and no wonder, considering Public Relations executives rely more and more on its networking capabilities. For example, after Toyota came under fire for its faulty gas pedals, it quickly launched a campaign to deflect attention from the negative to the positive. Who can forget the adorable commercial where the family’s Camry gets passed down?

The whole point of that campaign was for Toyota owners to share their own stories via Facebook.  When looking at it from an objective point of view, here are the facts:

  1. Toyota lost its reputation as a reliable and trust-worthy brand.
  2. Toyota needed to solve the immediate problem of the faulty gas pedal, which it did by sending parts to various dealerships where owners could take their cars to get fixed.
  3. Even though Toyota  took the necessary steps to solve the problem, its image was still tarnished so it launched the story telling campaign via Facebook so owners could talk about their positive experiences where everyone could read them.

So what does this have to do with Greek life? Everything. Toyota’s plight is merely an example of the power of social networks to make or break an organization ( no pun intended).


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Coming soon!

The Running of the Bulls in front of the Unive...

Image via Wikipedia

Stay on the look out for an  interview with USF‘s Student Government VP Zachary Johnson of Pi Kappa Alpha . We will be talking about his take on Greek Public Relations at the University of South Florida as well as his vision for Greek Life as a fellow Greek.

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Where are Public Relations and why are they important?

From the Hollywood red carpets to your dorm’s back to school party, Public Relations are everywhere. They are particularly important in student organizations, such as Greek life. They start at the grass-roots levels with each individual member to organized teams whose purpose is to promote Greek life on campus.

Consider this: in  Greek life, chapters assign a brother or sister every year for the chapter’s Public Relations. It’s an extremely important job since the Public Relations chair is in charge of the entire chapter’s image.

One of the most important aspects of their job is making sure their chapter in good standing with other Greeks, the community and the university

At the University of South Florida, every semester there is a  “Week of Welcome” ( WOW)  during which there is free food, music and events on campus as a way of welcoming new students. That is how the University establishes a good relationship with students and boosts school spirit.

In fact, the official page for WOW states that “By getting involved, both academically and socially, Week of Welcome inspires Bull Pride and excitement in your home away from home, and provides you with many opportunities to share your experiences with other students.”

Translated, the sentence would probably read–“We want you to feel at home, feel like you’re part of us and share your positive experiences with other students.”

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